The new year is coming soon and it’s time to freshen up everything. That could include doing something about your bathtub. Everyone wants a bathtub that looks sparkly clean, especially after all the holiday guests coming and going. You are looking and wonder if your bathtub will ever look really clean again. Aging bathtubs have other problems as well. It may be chipped or have scratches. It could have stains, spots or streaks that will not go away. It may be something you have thought about ripping out and replacing with a new tub.

Before you go that route, it’s best to consider reglazing your tub as an alternative to a new tub. There are three reasons why reglazing could work better for you.

1.) Less Demolition

A tub replacement will mean your bathroom will undergo some serious demolition. Replacing a tub typically takes around three days, but could take longer if the contractor or plumber find an undiscovered problem. The demolition will put the bathroom off limits until the project is completed. Those replacing a tub will first demolish it and remove the pieces. In some cases, contractors will need to improve the flooring or put in new water pipes to support new tub versions. Additionally, some of the surrounding wall around the tub must be removed and replaced in order to fit in a new tub. With reglazing, the tub area is the only area affected so there is no extensive demolition. You can still use the rest of the bathroom during the process. It could still take a couple of days to complete reglazing project, depending on the professional, but reglazing doesn’t involve as much labor as a complete tub replacement. Those who reglaze your tub will first completely clean the tub’s surface. Then, they will create a rough surface on the tub by applying an acid. A rough surface needs to be create to get the glaze to stick to the tub. A glaze will not only help the tub shine, but will prevent chipping or peeling in the future. It will take some time for the glaze to cure. Afterward, a professional will sand, buff and polish your tub.

2.) Cost Effective

The cost of replacing your tub versus reglazing depends on several factors including the professional you use, the time it takes to do the project, the condition of your tub, and the condition of your bathroom infrastructure. You can buy some cheap tubs, but most people want something a little nicer than what is currently in their bathroom. A good bathtub could cost $1,000 or more. When you figure in the contractor’s costs, you could be looking at $3,000 or more to replace your bathtub. Reglazing is much more affordable with many projects costing less than $1,000. The savings comes in keeping your tub, reduced labor and no demolition. Some people may think they can reglaze their tub in a do-it-yourself project. Technically, that is true because many home improvement stores sell reglazing kits. However, home experts don’t recommend this. Reglazing is a complicated process that takes some skilled knowledge and a lot of time. Plus, the glaze in the kits is usually what most professionals see as substandard material. It wears out too fast or doesn’t work correctly when you use it.

3.) Quality

There is some truth that it can be hard to find craftsman made products today and while today’s tubs have many modern features, they are sometimes not as good in quality as the older tub versions. Tubs today aren’t made of the same materials as those of yesteryear. That is particularly true with porcelain tubs. Those with vintage bathrooms or with tubs that are unique, such as stone or marble, will not want to replace them. It would either be too expensive or a similar tub is rare. Reglazing a tub is the best option in these cases. Your bathroom can look awesome for 2019 with reglazing from a trained professional. It will sparkle again and have a finish that will protect it in the future so you can enjoy it for years to come.