Luxury bathroom interior with tile floor
Luxury bathroom interior with tile floor

Nothing will make you feel more ready for nice weather than using a fresh bathroom! There are ways to make that happen without breaking the bank. All it takes is some scrutiny, some scrubbing and a service professional to make minor repairs.

Sparkle Up The Shower and Tub

The first thing to do is scrub down everything. Most suggest to begin with the tub or shower. Remove all items from the bathroom, including all children’s toys, shavers, personnel care items, towels, and curtains. Now you can start with a clean canvas. Clean the shower shelves and soap dish first. Then start scrubbing the walls. It is best to use an extendable brush to get both high and low without strain. Make sure you have good bristles to get within the grout lines.

You can use a powder cleaner in porcelain tubs. Make a thick paste of the powder and use a heavy duty scrub brush. Once the entire tub is covered in the paste, let it sit 30 minutes before scrubbing it out and rinsing. Most suggest using a baking soda and vinegar solution for those with acrylic tubs. Many people forget to clean their shower heads. Water stains collect there, as well as some mildew and mold.

Scrubbing the tub and shower also allows you a close up look at your tile. Now is the time to see if grout is deteriorating or if there is any chipped or cracked tile. All of that can be fixed without the expense of completely replacing the tile. Your inspection will also reveal if there are any leaks, mildew or mold.

Clean That Toilet!

Once you are done scrubbing the tub, move onto the toilet. Be sure to clean the outside first, making sure to get behind the toilet. Then clean the bowl, the lid, the sink and the tank. While you are looking at the area, check the tile around the base of the toilet. Sometimes, the grout can get really stained in that area. Check for damaged areas as well.

Sink Inspection and Scrub Down

Now, it is time to clean and inspect the sink. Clean the faucet, making sure to clean where the water comes out. Sometimes, water hardens there causing some mildew.  You can use the same type of products you used for your tub, depending on the type of material used to make your sinks. As you did before, inspect any tiled areas around the sink to see if they need regrouting or replacing.

Walls, Drawers and Floors!

Last, wash or wipe down the walls and clean the mirrors. It is important to check wall tiles because steam and wall leaks can damage your grout, or the walls behind your tile. The next thing to do is clean out all your bathroom drawers, getting rid of old items like expired prescriptions, old lotions and anything creating clutter. Finally, sweep and mop the floors, wash the windows and empty and wash the trash can.

Now that you have a good handle on your bathroom and any repairs it may need, you can call a professional to check on regrouting or replacing chipped or damaged tile or stone. Fixing damaged spots will cost you roughly one-third of the cost of a complete tile replacement, so it saves you money to check before heading into a complete renovation project. Regrouting is the easiest way to make your bathroom look new again. A company will remove the old grout and replace it with new. They will then seal your tile, so it doesn’t damage easily in the future. Replacing a chipped tile is relatively easy for a professional service. They remove the grout, replace the chipped tile and regrout in the same color as your previous grout.

None of this work takes that long to do and companies will clean up their mess afterward, leaving you with a fresh bathroom ready for spring.