Who Would Not Want To Have A Pool?
Who Would Not Want To Have A Pool?

Everyone knows tile and natural stone are durable, functional and really beautiful, but most people just see them as something to use in kitchens and bathrooms. However, both can be easily used to enhance your outdoor living spaces. That is especially true for your pool area. There are tons of ways to use tile and stone to enhance your pool space, but you need to be smart about it in order to get the most out of your investment. The first piece of advice experts offer is to buy tile specifically meant for pools.

Tile comes in all types of shapes, sizes and elements. Some of those, like limestone, are quite porous.  Water will seep through them quickly. You don’t want those in your pool area. Water seeping through the tile will cause other problems underneath, like mildew and mold. The tile will not last as long as they should either. Be sure to ask for waterproof tile and specialized grout.

Even with the tile and grout specially created for wet areas, you will still need to make sure it is sealed after installation. Sealing is incredibly important for the durability and life of your tile. While you could do this yourself, a professional can ensure it is done correctly to protect your tile. There are many types of natural stone as well and some are more durable and expensive than others. Be sure to do your research before making a selection.

Now that you understand the basics, you can find some creative ways to use tile around the pool.  Here are five ways to use tile in and around your pool.

In Place of Pool Liner

Use tile instead of the traditional pool liner. This is done in extravagant homes for a luxurious look. It is a lot more expensive than a liner, but is more durable and would likely add to the resale value of a home. Those with bolder design preferences go with a color, like dark blue, pink or even red. This makes the water the color of the tile and looks fantastic at night when pool lights are on. However, this isn’t something that can easily be changed out, so it needs to be an element you can live with for at least a decade. Another option is to get white or cream tile to replace the pool liner and get colored lights. The lights will reflect off the tile, making them appear in that color. You can switch colors depending on the party, holiday or your mood.

Inside Pool Boarder

Use tile for the top inside pool border. This is done for both aesthetic and functional reasons.  Many people choose a tile with a design, like Italian or Spanish shapes, for this border so it looks awesome. However, the border tile is necessary too. Every pool has a 6-inch opening under the pools coping. The tile encloses the skimmers. The plaster used must remain in the water to prevent cracking and can’t be exposed to air. Tile keeps it from being exposed and creates a buffer between the plaster and the skimmers. The tile also helps prevent permanent water lines around the pool because it is cleanable. Water should be kept where it is halfway up your border tile to make cleaning a breeze.

Top Edge of Pool Boarder

Use tile or natural stone along to top edge of the pool border. You can tile the top exposed edge of the pool border for a highly decorative look. This also has a practical use because it prevents the edge from cracking and creates a smooth surface for people to sit on the pool’s edge.

In Place of Concrete

Tile or natural stone can be used instead of concrete around the pool in the lounging area. Tile and stone is more durable than concrete and is less likely to crack over time. It is also easier to repair because cracked and chipped tile are easier to repair than resurfacing cracked concrete. Some tiles are more heat resistant than others as well, so they could be easier on the feet than concrete. Some ideas of tiling around a pool area include mixing up tile colors or randomly placing design tiles among a solid colored tile for an enhanced effect. Tile comes in hundreds, or even thousands, of colors so choices are virtually limitless. Natural stone is beautiful and enhances the raw look of an outdoor space. It tends to stay cooler than concrete as well.


Tile or natural stone can be used for walkways to the pool area. This can be done in a couple of different ways that make a great entrance. You can use a completely tiled or natural stone pathway to create a more rustic outdoor look.  Flagstone is an excellent choice for this. The second option is to create a mosaic look with random stone or tiles in the grass leading down to the pool. This will allow guests to have solid places to step while leaving a lot of your grass pathway intact.

Tile and natural stone are excellent choices for pool areas and other outdoor spaces. They can give your space that extra something special. Installing tile and stone doesn’t have to be as costly as you think either. A professional installer can help you determine what is within your budget and get the job done in time for you to enjoy your summer!