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Tile Free Quote

There is no debate about the beauty of tile and natural stone. From marble to granite to flagstone, tile and natural stone has a look that denotes class and sophistication. However, trying to figure out exactly how to use these products beyond countertops and showers stalls some homeowners.

Tile and natural stone can be used in a variety of ways in both inexpensive and high-end home improvement projects. One of the advantages of using these products is they are incredibly durable, but can be repaired fairly easily later as their wear over the years.

Also, tile and natural stone will up the value of your property and make it more marketable should you ever decide to sell it. For those looking for ideas, here are five creative ways to use tile and natural stone at your home.

Create a Sunroom

Sunrooms are great spaces to get away from noise or have a private conversation. They typically have a clean, minimal look and usually have plants. Tile floors are a great choice for this addition because they are easy to keep clean and can handle water that could drip from plants better than carpet. Dirt from plants is also much easier to clean off of tile than carpet, which can stain. Just be sure to seal your tile and grout so water won’t seep into the floor.

Surround the Exterior of a Hot Tub

This is an exceptional idea for those with hot tubs that are above ground. Laying stone or tile around the exterior of the hot tub helps it to blend in better with the natural area, but also works well in keeping heat in the tub. There are a lot of colors, stone options and choices for this project and a professional installer can help with the tricky part of the shape.

Create a Waterfall, Riverbed, or Water Feature

This can be done whether you have a pool or not. Many homeowners do add waterfalls to their pool areas and stone can certainly help it look more natural. However, those who don’t have the luxury of a pool can still create a running water creek or feature that adds a sense of exotic luxury. These can be created along an outside wall or fence, or along a home wall under a patio. Using tile or natural stone is the perfect solution because they will withstand outdoor elements and help the feature look like it has always been there.

Use Tile or Stone Around Your Grill or Barbecue Pit

This not only adds a great look to your grill or pit area, but also helps you while you are cooking. You can cut and work with food easily on a tiled area and these are elements that are super easy to clean after your finish your cooking. They are also heat resistant and can be used for heat control as well.

Build an Outdoor Dining Area

Eating outside is an awesome way to spend summer evenings. Using tile or natural stone as flooring under a pergola, gazebo or patio will make entertaining much easier. It allows people to walk easily around the dining area without getting stuck in wet grass, keeps ground-level bugs at bay and allows for easy cleanup afterward.

Be sure to ask your professional installer or home improvement center about the right type of tile or stone for each of these projects. Some products are designed to be used exclusively inside while others are meant for outdoor use. Understanding the types of products available for your project will help lengthen the life of your tile or stone and allow you to enjoy your property for years to come.

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