change the look of your space with grout
change the look of your space with grout

There are spaces that you love in the beginning but they go blah after a few years. Adding some zing to your space, whether it’s a kitchen, bathroom, sunroom or outdoor patio, doesn’t need to cost a lot of money. It is easy to change the look of your space with grout. Grout comes in many types and colors and something as simple as a color change can truly make a space feel like it got a face lift.

What is Grout?

Grout is the stuff that sits in between your tile or natural stone. It is what holds the stones together and prevents water from causing mildew or mold. What most people don’t realize is that grout isn’t just functional. It can be used to redecorate your space too!

Types of Grout

Grout comes in a variety of shades and colors. It is made up of cement, water and sand and comes either as sanded and unsanded. Sanded grout tends to be thicker and more durable than unsanded grout. However, it can’t be used for joints smaller than an eighth of an inch. Unsanded grout is typically used for small joint spaces and on vertical surfaces because it has a better hold than sanded grout on those surfaces.

Grout Colors

Changing the color of your grout is an easy and inexpensive way to liven up your space. Let’s say you have white subway tile in your bathroom with white grout. It is very clean and minimalistic. However, your grout starts to get dingy from all the dirt and water after a few years and the room no longer looks crisp. The solution is to change it to black grout. Now, you have a dramatic bathroom that has the detailed, crisp look you like. The same goes for beige tile or gray stone. Change a dark color to white or a light color to a dark brown or black will make the whole space look different and new.

Grout Restaining

Grout restaining starts with cleaning existing grout with a paste made of oxygen bleach or baking soda. This involves some specialized tools and some scrubbing. After the grout is dry from the scrubbing, the stain is applied with a stiff artist brush. This can be tricky because you must avoid painting the tile or stone. It isn’t difficult to restain grout, although most people would be best served to hire a professional to do it because of the time and effort it takes.

It is certainly more cost-effective than redoing the whole floor or wall. Removing, restaining grout and repairing tile that is cracked or chipped costs, on average, 30 percent of what it would to replace. By restaining grout, you can create an accent wall or revamp your fireplace area. You can revitalize your kitchen or bathroom. Outdoor spaces aren’t a problem either. A professional can work on any area with grout.

Indoor Grout Vs. Outdoor Grout

There is a difference in outdoor grout and indoor grout, so you would need to ask the professional replacing or restaining your grout if they are using the proper materials for the space. Outdoor grout is meant to withstand harsh weather, while grout for indoor areas is created to be durable for normal traffic and cleaning.

Sealing Grout

After you have your grout replaced or restained, be sure to have it sealed. Sealing tile, stone and grout is one of the most important things you can do to extend the life of your space. Without sealing, water and dirt can seep through the grout and even some porous stone. It can cause deterioration, mold and mildew.

You will be surprised at how much difference changing the look of your grout can make! Take the money saved and invest in a few new things to brighten your space.

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