Patio Grout
Patio Grout

You can see it. The grout in between the flagstone on your patio is looking really worn and ugly. Some of it is even coming out. What are you going to do? This is not uncommon after several years. Outdoor tile, cement and flagstone take the brunt of weather. Those who live in extreme cold or heat will see deterioration more quickly than those living in moderate climates. While some of the weathering is natural because it endures the outside elements, your grout, tile, and stone deterioration could also be because the installers didn’t use the proper materials for outdoor use. Any outdoor project requires materials specifically designed to weather storms, heat and cold. Since your grout sets the tone for your patio it is smart to put in the time to maintain and/or improve it. Fortunately, you do not need to replace all stone, tile and grout to repair your patio. There are professionals who can replace the grout and have your patio looking like new. Maintenance and repair go a long way when it comes to patio grout!

Preparing the Area

Now is a good time to get this project done because the weather is good and dry enough the new grout will be able to dry before the next storm. While this is a project you could do yourself, it could get a bit messy. You need a grout removal tool with a carbide blade to first remove the grout from small areas. You will need a rotary tool to remove it from large areas. The most important thing is for the bit to be the correct size for the space. This work is slow. You must be careful not to strike your tile or stone. Wipe away with a sponge or vacuum with a shop vacuum.

Mixing the Grout

Now to mix the new grout. This can be tricky because it needs to be the same color as the existing grout. You must use a margin float to apply the grout. It should stand for 10 minutes or more before you clean the area with a damp sponge. If you hire a grout professional will clean out your old grout, install your new grout and clean up afterward as if they were never there. You are left with a beautiful new patio for you, your family and friends to enjoy.


If you want a change in the look of your natural stone or tile patio, you can ask your grout installer to stain the grout a different color. Making it a darker color like dark brown or black can add a sense of drama while making it stark white can brighten up a space.

Tackling the maintenance and repair of your patio early in the season will ensure that your summer entertainment season is grounded with style. The bonus for you is that replacing grout is much cheaper than replacing all your tile and stone. For more information or to hire a professional for your job click here!

  1. It’s a good point that mixing the grout is troublesome because it needs to match the color of the older grout. My spouse and I are thinking about getting new tiles in our backyard around the pool. We should probably find an experienced contractor to do this so that it looks nice.

  2. I need to have some tile installed, and I’m not sure how to go about it. It makes sense that I would want to get a professional to handle this for me! They would be able to ensure that the grout is mixed together properly.

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