Tile Installation
decorative tile

Tile is a great product for practicality in a home. It works great in a bathroom or kitchen to protect against water and is easy to keep clean. However, this natural product can do double duty and add creative beauty to your space as well. Many people don’t realize just how creative you can be with tile. Homeowners tend to see tile as just a practical element. Decorative tile is so versatile that you really miss out if you don’t look at it with a creative eye. Here are five ways you can use tile to add more creativity to your space:

Mix and Match Colors

You have to pick the right colors and that may take some thought but mixing different shades of the same color or that of contrasting colors highlights a space. You will need a good, professional tile installer who has an eye for detail to pull this off but it can turn your space into an eyecatcher.

Cut Tiles

Cut tiles to create an art design in your space. This works well for floors or walls. You can use a different color or type of tile for dramatic effect or use the same type of tile for a more subtle look. Your design can be any variety as long as the person installing your tile can cut the tile exactly to match the design and fit correctly together.

Create a Focus Wall

This can go beyond bathrooms and kitchens to family rooms, sunrooms and outdoor spaces. Using tile adds a different texture and look to your space as well as adding a sense of glamour, particularly if you go with something like travertine or marble.

Create a Water Feature

You need to pick a tile or natural stone that works well with water for this element, as some are extremely porous. However, using tile or natural stone to create a water feature in your home or outdoor area not only brings high-end style to the space but adds a touch of serenity.

Create a Unique Patio Space with Decorative Tile

Use tile or natural stone to create a unique patio space. There are literally hundreds of ways to use tile or natural stone to make your outdoor area unique. You can design it to give an old world look or use block squares and contrasting colors for a crisp modern look. Some mix up tiled areas with artificial grass, which is easy to maintain, to create a checkerboard pattern in their outdoor space.

Whichever way you want to use tile or natural stone, know that this is a product that is simple to maintain. It lasts for years and worn or damaged areas can be repaired without replacing the whole space, saving you money. It adds a down-to-earth style to your space that can’t be matched with manufactured products. Natural elements like tile and stone can also add value to your home, so you will recoup your investment.

Combining creativity with a tile installation will make your home a place where you can explore your personal style and give your space a unique flavor everyone who visits will enjoy!

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