Reglaze Your Tub
Reglaze Your Tub

With summer nearing a close, you may be looking at all the wear and tear your house sustained during the time the whole family was home. Fall is the perfect time for cleaning and repairing and will set your home up for comfort as you near the holidays. One of the things you need to look at is your bathtub. Bathtubs are abused during the summer with multiple showers after swimming, playtime and sports. Your tub may show a lot of wear and tear from dirt, grime, soap scum, scratches and other issues. There is a simple solution that makes a huge impact – reglazing your tub!

Some Signs Your Tub Needs Help:

It looks dirty even when its clean.

It has streaks and scratches.

It is spotted from water stains.

There are rust spots.

The Solution

The good news is you don’t need to replace your tub. The solution could be as simple as reglazing it. Reglazing costs a fraction of a complete replacement or even over other renovation methods, saving you between $200 and $650 over other options like tub liners. A professional can complete the process quickly with little mess over doing it yourself. Reglazing your tub is not a complicated process if the professional knows what they are doing. It involves thoroughly cleaning the surface to remove soap scum, body oils and mineral deposits. Then, the tub is sanded down to its surface. Chipped areas and cracks are repaired.

The process is complete with applying several coats of primer and a final buffing to make your tub shine. This option is the perfect option for tubs that are still in good shape. It is also the best choice for those with specialty bathtubs such as antique claw-foot tubs that are typically made from heavy cast iron. No one ever wants to move those and replacing it would be a large expense. Reglazing also works well with acrylic tubs as long as they are in fairly good shape.

Fall is a great time to consider reglazing your tub because it can’t be done in the humid weather that comes with summer. The one caveat of reglazing your tub is most experts advise that it can only be effectively done once. After that, you may need to consider going with a tub liner or replacement.

Pick the Right Professional

That makes it crucial to pick the right professional for your reglazing project. It needs to be a company that has experience and can also fix things like cracks and scratches. Once your tub is reglazed, you should look at recaulking the tub, toilet and sinks. Caulk can wear down over time and recauling will keep everything sealed so you don’t have any water leaks or damage. Typically, the same professional who reglazed your tub can also handle this work. After your tub reglazing and recaulking, you can move forward with other necessary repair projects in your bathroom such as chipped or broken tiles. Those can be repaired at a cost much less than replacement.

Repairs aren’t just necessary. They will make you feel less stressed and able to enjoy your bathroom how you first intended. You will feel like spending some quality time relaxing in your bathroom space and will have a way to reduce daily stress as well as get away from the world.

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