TileWhen you think of tile in terms of home décor, what comes to mind? Floor tile, bathroom tile, tile for a backsplash? The truth is, there are so many ways to use tile in your home, the possibilities are endless. If you are thinking of how to use ceramic tile to beautify your home, here are a few possibilities.


Tile is often used in kitchens and bathrooms, but if you want to get creative, cermic tiling can also be ideal for entryways, mudrooms and even living rooms and dining rooms. Tile is great for brightening up small spaces and it can transform the look of larger rooms. Tile is durable, easy to clean and dirt and water resistant. Use the colors and patterns you love to make your interior stand out.

Kitchen Backsplash

Tile provides an easy to clean surface that protect kitchen walls from moisture and food particles. You can get creative with your backsplashes by using handmade ceramic tile that will give your kitchen a great organic feel and a terrific aesthetic appeal.


Make your fireplace the focal point of your living room by creating a border with exquisite statement tiles. Use contrasting colors to add a sense of dimension that makes your décor pop. Note, ensure the tiles you are using have been pre-fired to withstand higher temperatures before installing.

Kitchen Island

While most islands will have some sort of marble top, the sides can be decorated to add an unexpected element of detailing…and tiles are the perfect decorative element. Think of tastefully adding tiles for a pop of color that will elevate the look of your entire kitchen.

Ceramic Tile in Showers

Sure, most of us already have tiles in our bathroom showers, but you can take it to the next level by getting really creative with your layout. Think of using colors and patterns that are subtle or bold to elevate your showering experience.

Add it to Your Exteriors

Tile is not limited to the interior of your house. Its durability and easy to clean characteristics make it ideal for outdoors as well. Ceramic tiles can be added to the pool or patio areas, as outdoor flooring or for countertops in an outdoor kitchen area.

Make a Ceramic Tile Accent Wall

Accent walls are an interior design trend that are not going anywhere. While painting a wall a different color or adding wallpaper to the wall of a room that is otherwise painted all make a stunning impact, imagine what tile can do. To really make your décor stand out, get as colorful and detailed as possible with intricate glass mosaics and eye-catching patterns and colors on your accent walls.

Ceramic tiles are a staple in almost any home, but with a bit of creativity, they can elevate your décor to give it a look that can be elegant or funky. How will you be using these every day household items to transform your rooms?

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