Prevent Sealer Haze

Prevent Sealer HazeA sealant is put over grout to keep water and oil from getting into pores and capillaries. However, in some cases there can be something that prevents the sealer from fully penetrating the surface. The cause of this can be previous sealer applications. When the sealant is unable to penetrate the surface, it leaves behind a milky haze and sticky residue known as sealer haze.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to keep sealer haze from appearing. Read on to find out how you can prevent sealer haze and keep your grout looking great.

What Causes Sealer Haze?

There are several factors that prevent sealant from fully absorbing into the grout to cause sealer haze. Here are some of the more common causes.

Too Much Sealant:

Not every sealant job is the same and some surfaces are more porous than others. If you do not account for the varying levels of porousness, you may apply too much sealant. The excess will produce a haze.

The Components of the Grout:

Grout can contain nonporous materials such as polymers latex and epoxy. These grouts will only work with a solvent-based sealer. A water-based sealant will leave a film.

Applying Multiple Layers:

If you apply more than one coat of sealant, the first coat can keep the other coats from penetrating.


Moisture in the grout can act as a barrier to solvent based sealers. All surfaces should be thoroughly dried before sealant is applied.

How to Prevent Sealant Haze

You can prevent sealant haze from appearing by taking a few steps to determine how much sealant is necessary. Start by testing a small area of your tiles that receives average foot traffic (This will only be relevant if using sealant on floor tiles. If you are testing bathroom tiles any area will do).

Apply a few drops of water to the grout line to see how quickly the water will penetrate. If the water penetrates quickly, it means there is no sealant present that could keep any additional sealant from absorbing. If the water does not penetrate, there is no need to apply more sealer.

If you determine sealant is needed, start by applying it to a small area. Start with a thin coat. You can always add more if necessary but removing excess will be more difficult.

Once the sealant has dried, you will be able to determine if you have applied the right amount of sealant or whether you need to add more or scrape off excess. Keep experimenting until you get it perfect. Go from there to seal the rest of your surface area.

A great looking sealant will give your tiling a terrific appearance. These tips will help you get a look that is free from haze and is as clean and bright as possible. What tips do you have for keeping your tiling looking great? For more tips or to schedule an appointment today click here.

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