Marble Floor Restoration

Marble Floor RestorationIf you are looking for a countertop material that has a great look and will withstand the test of time, stone and marble are ideal solutions. Stone and marble countertops typically last twice as long as other countertop materials. In fact, with the proper care, they can last over 100 years.

However, the right care and maintenance is needed to keep your countertops looking great. If they are starting to show wear and tear, it may be time for a restoration. Here are some signs of damage to look out for to determine when it is time for stone and marble restoration.


Granite and marble are extremely porous. If liquids spill on these surfaces, they are very likely to stain. Debris and food particles can also create a dingy appearance.

Chips and Breaks

Acidic materials and harsh cleaners can also wear away on countertop surfaces. Exposure to these chemicals can make them chip and break, especially if they were not sealed properly when they were installed. If stone and marble countertops are starting to show signs of wear, there are restoration options available.  Read on to find out more about the process.

What is Involved in Stone Restoration?

Stone restoration can only be done by a trained professional. It involves altering the surface of the stone to restore it to the state it was when initially installed. Restoration can also be performed to alter the look of the stone to match a desired finish the owner may prefer. Cleaning and sealing will not work to restore the material. Rather a removal of the scratches and damage will be necessary. This is done through a process of mechanical abrasion called diamond grinding.

Diamond grinding will improve the clarity and reflectivity of the material. The desired affect is achieved when a technician uses diamond grits in a proper order to improve the clarity and reflectivity of the stone. Although this process is more expensive than other methods like sanding or crystallization, it will help the material retain its look longer. After diamond grinding is performed, countertops should not need another treatment for 4-6 years. This is in comparison to the 1 to 2 years other methods will provide. The grinding is followed by a polishing technique that protects the flooring and brings it to a high shine.

Stone and Marble Maintenance?

Restoration techniques can get your stone and marble countertops looking new again, but the proper care and maintenance will keep your surfaces in the best shape possible. It is advisable to avoid using any chemicals on your stone and marble countertops. Trivets should be used to prevent countertops from being damaged by hot dishes. Also, if you live in a home with young children and your kitchen gets a lot of use, you may want to go with a material other than stone and marble as these types of countertops tend to get damaged in busy kitchens.

Stone and marble countertops will endure the test of time, but if you start seeing scratches, stains, chips and breaks, it may be time for a restoration. Professionals offer a diamond grinding method that will get your countertops looking new again. Schedule your marble and stone restoration today!

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