CaulkIf there’s one thing every DIY-er should have around the home, it’s a caulk. Caulk solves a wide variety of problems and you may be amazed to find out how helpful it can be to have on hand.  Read on to find out the many ways you can use caulk for your household repairs.

It Reduces Drafts

If you have drafts in your home, use caulk to fill leaks around windows and doors. This will increase your home’s energy efficiency, reduce your carbon footprint and lower your energy bills.

Caulk is Good For Pest Control

Caulk is great for sealing cracks and gaps in concrete, stucco, stone, metal and brick. This makes it perfect for repairing small fissures in foundations and basement walls that allow rodents, insects and other pests to enter your home.

Solves Your Installation Problems

If you are working on the flooring or trim around your house, there are bound to be gaps in the moldings or baseboards. Caulk is the perfect thing for filling those gaps. It even comes in a variety of colors to provide a seamless appearance.

Good Prep For Paint

If you are planning on painting your home, you can use a painter’s caulk to fill in small holes and gaps before beginning your project. Caulk will adhere to wood, drywall, masonry and more.

Protects Your Home From Fire

That’s right; caulk can even protect your home from fire. A special kind of caulk called fireproof caulk can be used to fill cracks, gaps and holes in the interior framing of your house. When caulking is performed around plumbing or electrical conduits, it will reduce the risk of fire.

Works Like Glue

Have you ever had a molding fall off your walls or a corner of your carpet come up from the floor? Were you at a loss for what to use to stick it back on? Caulk is the perfect solution. Just dab a little on and stick the piece back in place. In fact, you can even use caulk instead of nails to install wood paneling.

Caulk can be used in a similar way for affixing wallpaper to walls. When installing wallpaper, run caulk on the trimmed seams and them smooth it with a wet sponge or finger. This will keep it from curling up. If old paper starts to curl, you can use caulk to stick it back down again.

Caulk for Roof Repairs

Caulk can also be used for small repairs on the roof. It’s great for sealing cracks and gaps that may appear on the roof edges, between shingles or around skylights.

Keep Gutters From Stopping Up

In time, gutters can develop cracks and gaps which usually appear around joints and downspout junctions. Butyl rubber caulk works as a strong waterproof sealant to seal joints and keep gutters leak free and flowing smoothly.

Caulk is a versatile tool that can be used for a wide range or household repairs. How do you use it in your home? Let us help you with your next caulk project!






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