Why You Need Grab Bars in Your Home

You may think that the kitchen is the most dangerous room in your house. The sharp utensils and possible fire hazards are more than enough to cause you to take precautionary measures when you are cooking. You may not realize that the bathroom can be quite dangerous too. There are tons of wet, slippery surfaces and lots of hard objects where you can hit your head and other body parts. In fact, the CDC shows bathroom injuries cause thousands of visits to the ER each year. Bathroom injuries are common among older people who may have trouble maintaining balance, but they can happen to anyone. One way to reduce the likelihood of an injury is to have grab bars installed in your home. Read on to find out some of the benefits grab bars can provide. 

Near the Toilet

If you are older or disabled, you may be suffering from weak knees. This can make it difficult to get on and off the toilet. A grab bar provides something to lean on and takes the pressure off the knees ensuring a safe trip to the bathroom every time. 

Grab Bars for the Shower

The shower can get quite slippery when it’s wet. A grab bar that’s around waist high provides support that prevents slips in the shower and can help you get in and out easily. 

For the Tub

A warm relaxing bath can be great for sore bones and joints but getting out of the tub can be taxing on those same body parts. A grab bar installed just above the tub can help the elderly and injured get in and out safely.  

Anywhere in the Home

While the bathroom is a great place to grab bars, this is not the only place in the home where they can be installed. They can be placed in the kitchen, living room, or anywhere you need extra support. 

Outdoor Grab Bars

Grab bars can also be designed for outdoor use and placed outside the home. These are often installed near doorways and patio steps. They help you ascend and descend stairs easily. 

These grab bars are often made from a tough plastic that blends into the décor and is rust-resistant, weatherproof, and durable. 

Different Shapes and Sizes Available

Grab bars come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Some have angled construction making them easy to grab. Some fold up and down making it easy for you to lower and raise yourself. Many have grip materials to ensure hands do not slip when they are being used for support. 

Grab bars are a terrific safety feature that is recommended for those who have difficulty getting around. They can make your bathroom, or any space in the house, easier to navigate. How will you be using them to reduce the chance of injury in your home? 


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