Your Grout May Be Telling you How Serious the Leak in Your Shower Is

Excessive water buildup around the tub or shower. Water stains on the ceiling. These are just some signs that you may have a leak in your bathroom area.

But how serious is the leak?

When most people see signs of a leak, they call in a professional. But the truth is, in some instances, a leak can be as simple as changing out your grout. If you know what you’re doing, this can be a DIY job that can save you time and money. Read on to find out more.

How to Tell How Serious Your Leak Is

Before deciding you need to call in a professional to fix your leaky pipes, take a look at your grout. If the grout has been neglected it will start to crack. This will allow water to seep through.

No matter what the cause of the leak may be, it’s important to deal with it as soon as possible. If you let it go, it can cause considerable damage to the rest of the house.

Fortunately, if it’s a grouting problem, you may be able to fix it yourself without even removing the tiles.

How to Fix Leaks Due to Neglected Grout

If you find that the leak is due to a grouting issue, here are the steps you will want to take.

1. Find the leaking areas and clean them thoroughly. Remove soap scum. This will let you see exactly what’s going on in the grout.

2. Remove loose pieces of grout until you locate the solid grout. Then scrape and brush out the joints.

3. Dry the area and use a sponge to apply the new grout. You can use pre-mixed grout in squeeze tubes or tub containers. Allow grout to set and wipe away excess with a damp sponge.

4. Seal the seams where the tile meets the tub or shower floor by scraping out old caulk and replacing it. Silicone caulk is a good choice because it’s flexible and holds up well when the tub expands and contracts. Be sure to seal around the faucets and tub to keep water from getting behind the tiles.

5. Allow the grout to cure as per the package directions. Then apply sealant to protect your grout and prevent future water damage.
DIY-ing a grout related leak may not be for everyone, but taking the steps to determine the cause of the leak will keep contractors from overcharging you for a bigger job that may not be necessary.

The tips in your article may help you save money the next time you notice your tub or shower is leaking. Good luck keeping your home free of water damage while saving on unnecessary repair costs that can thin out your wallet.

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