Water Damage

Whether you are looking to buy or rent a home or make some changes around your current one, you should always check for water damage signs. Water damage can quickly cause structural harm to the foundation, lead to health issues, and decrease your property’s value.

This blog will look at 5 signs that your home needs the best water damage restoration services. Let’s get right into it.

5 Signs Your Home Needs Water Damage Repair

1. Mold Growth

If you have tiny bits of mold in your home, you probably have nothing to worry about, but a significant amount of mold accumulated over time can be detrimental to your health. Hence, you must take corrective action immediately and contact a home water damage repair service.

Being exposed to a damp environment for a long time is not good for your body. You may start to notice irritation in your throat, nose, and eyes, and on your skin. You might also experience respiratory tract issues or symptoms of asthma because of moist environments.

2. Peeling or Bubbling Walls

Water-damaged walls with moisture often start to bubble and peel. The coloring of your walls will also begin to change, and they will begin to feel soft and cold. When you notice these signs, it is an obvious indication that you have some degree of water damage within your home.

Each day that you wait after noticing bubbling or peeling, your walls are just going to deteriorate further. The paint will start withering off, your baseboards may break, and the structural integrity of your walls will be compromised.

3. Puddles or Dripping Water

Puddles and dripping water are some of the most common indicative signs that you need to call the best water damage restoration services immediately. Standing still water near a sink, heater, or toilet is a clear sign that a water line or pipe in your home has given up. You must dry up the water up as quickly as possible and contact a home water damage repair service right away.

4. Warped Floor

If you have water damage, you will notice that your flooring will begin warping. They may even rise up or cup like a tent. Some floors might sink if they become soggy. Other floors will expand and start breaking away from the foundation. How your floor warps depends upon the material it is made of.

If you feel that water has damaged your floor, try to figure out if the ground is bumpy. Your floor is probably sheltering moisture if it does not look or feel the way it should. Please do not sit and wait for the problem to worsen. Save your floors by calling a home water damage repair service to help you.

5. Discoloration

Lastly, discoloration is also a sign of water damage. If you notice water stains on your walls and ceilings, you probably have a leaky pipe in your home. Changing colors of the carpets, walls, floors, or furniture fabric can indicate whether there is excess moisture in the house. As soon as you notice discoloration, get in touch with a restoration expert immediately to ensure the issue gets fixed as quickly as possible.

Get In Touch with Grout Experts for the Best Water Damage Restoration Services

If you have observed any of these signs mentioned in this blog post, please do not hesitate to reach out to Grout Experts today to find out more about our best water damage restoration services. We will get rid of mold, replace your rotted boards and use the same tiles once the job is done to save you the expense of re-tiling the whole area! Give us a call at (847) 356-6928 today or fill a form on our website for a free estimate.

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