Grout staining

Do you wish to give a new look to grout on your floors or walls, so it looks brand-new again? Are you frustrated by the fading color of old tile grout? Whatever the reason may be, there is only one imminent solution to refresh your grout: grout staining!

This blog will discuss what grout staining is and why you might want to opt for it. We will also discuss how it works so you have clear expectations before hiring an expert to do the job.

What Is Grout Staining?

Grout staining is a cost-effective process to clean, brighten, or change grout color using a grout colorant. Staining gives a uniform look to floors and walls when the grout sealer is added to the staining mixture. The process is entirely environment-friendly.

The grout staining process casts a permanent and powerful stain all over the floors and walls that is absorbed throughout the grout joint. Once you are done with staining the grout, you will be able to enjoy the fresh, just-installed look of the grout at only a fraction of the grout replacement cost.

When Should I Stain Grout?

Due to repeated moisture exposure, water intrusion, mold and mildew growth, hard water deposits, rusting, and grime and mineral deposits, grout can fade away or stain. Staining grout is a process that gets rid of these blemishes and prevents discoloration. Staining also provides a layer of protection between the grout and the material that might cause fading or discoloration.

How Does Grout Staining Work?

First, a professional grout expert will mix oxygen bleach with warm water to create a thick paste and apply it to grout lines using a soft brush. They will scrub the lines with the brush after leaving the bleach on for some time. Then, they will clean the tiles well with water and allow them to dry completely.

Once dried, the expert will apply the grout stain or colorant using a stiff, square-tipped brush. They will begin at the top of the tiled wall and work their way downwards. For tiled floors, they will work in sections, starting at the corner of the room, working across the back towards the entrance.

The professional will then allow the grout to dry completely. If the color is not as consistent or as dark as you want it to be, you can request them to apply another layer onto the grout after it has dried. It would be best not to expose the grout to moisture until the stain or colorant has dried thoroughly.

And, you’re done!

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