Difference between sealing and re-grouting

What Is Grout Sealing?

Grout sealing is an important process where a penetrating grout sealer is applied on tiles to protect the grout. Grout is porous, and a sealer must be used to reduce the number of porous areas of the grout. There are several advantages of applying a grout sealer. One significant advantage is that grout sealing reduces future grout damage. It also reduces the need for the use of harsh chemicals when cleaning your tile floors. It becomes harder for moisture to seep in and around the tile surface covered with a sealant. In rooms with a lot of steam and humidity, a lot of water can get into the grout and destroy the tiles. A sealant can prevent this from happening.

What Is Re-Grouting?

Re-grouting is a two-step process that can dramatically improve the appearance of tiled floors. In this process, a trained expert first removes the old and hardened grout from the seams and joints between tiles with the help of an oscillating or manual scraping tool. Then, they mix up some new grout and apply it to the tile with a grout float. Next, the tiles are cleaned up with a sponge and allowed to dry.

The Difference between Sealing and Re-Grouting

Grout sealing is an excellent alternative to grout replacement (which is quite expensive). The grout sealing process generates a new, clean and uniform appearance throughout the grout joint and dramatically alters the floor’s or wall’s appearance. You can also choose to seal grout with a premier colored grout sealer that causes permanent staining. The sealant restores the uniform color and provides a spill-proof barrier to grout lines.

Re-grouting is the scraping and cleaning process that involves the addition of new grout. It can remove and restore that dirty, damaged grout you have been looking at for years. With re-grouting, you will no longer have to invest in expensive floor replacement. Re-grouting performs the required grout renovations to make your floor or wall look new again at a fraction of the grout replacement cost.

If you are confused between re-grouting and grout sealing, you can opt for both! Both are different processes that serve different purposes but will leave you with a uniform and clean tiled floor or wall. You can call trained professionals from Grout Experts to re-grout your tiles and then seal them to fill in the remaining gaps between the tiles where mold and fungus can accumulate.

Re-grouting, followed by sealing, is so much more cost-effective than grout replacement. It might be more time-consuming since experts suggest you leave grout out to dry for a few days, but the end result is mostly as good as a new tiled floor or wall.

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