Restored Stone Marble

Marble is a natural stone that adds a touch of elegance and radiance to a room. It can make any room in your house look like a million bucks! If you have marble floors, tiles, or benchtops, you should know that they can fade or discolor over time. Hence, to preserve their long-lasting shine and keep them looking as good as new, you need to invest in stone and marble restoration.

The Difference between Stone and Marble Restoration and Cleaning

When it comes to stone and marble restoration or cleaning, there is a huge difference in how the process is conducted.

Marble cleaning involves the regular maintenance of marble by:

  • Dusting
  • Sweeping
  • Mopping
  • Polishing
  • Sealing

All you need to clean marble tiles is a mop, broom, a clean cloth, a vacuum cleaner, a cleaning agent, a polisher, and a marble sealant.  You can easily carry out this process at home without the help of a professional. We suggest that you spend time cleaning marble or stonework on a regular basis, at least once or twice a week. However, you only need to carry out the sealing process only once or twice a year.

On the other hand, stone and marble restoration is quite different from marble cleaning. It is not the process of cleaning the marble but the process of fixing damage caused to the marble tiles. It usually involves:

  • Replacing broken and damaged tiles
  • Fixing cracks and chips in marble
  • Removing scratches and etching
  • Fixing discolored marble and bringing it back to life
  • Cleaning out stains on marble

All marble restoration is a complicated process, and you should call a professional service team to carry out the process for you. They will use advanced tools and materials like an electric sander, polisher, ammonia, detergent powder, poultice, new grout, marble tiles, cleaning agents and sealants, etc., to get the job done. It is suggested that you contact a professional stone and marble restoration team at least once every year or once every two years to replace, repair, or restore your marble, depending on your tiles’ need and condition.

Cleaning marble and stone tiles only takes a few hours. However, all marble restoration can take a day or more, depending on the restoration process being carried out and your tiles’ condition. You might have to stay away from the area being restored for a few days or until the job is done.

When Should I Opt for Stone and Marble Restoration?

You should give a professional restoration service team like the Grout Experts a call if you require:

  • Honing or stripping services to refinish or remove the artificial plastic coating
  • Tile and stone lippage removal on uneven stone
  • Marble and stone repair services
  • Sealing to prevent stains and water damage on marble and stonework
  • Marble and stone polishing to restore your tiles to their original shine

Call Grout Experts Today for all Your Restoration Needs

Grout Experts takes pride in being in business for the past 15 years and completing 16,000 cleaning and restoration jobs since then! We are the experts of residential and commercial stone and marble restoration and can identify and solve your tile issues quickly and effectively! Give us a call today at (847) 356-6928 or contact us via our website for a free estimate or further details about services in Lake County, Illinois.

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