Grout cleaning

No matter how well you clean your floors, mildew, dirt and mold will still manage to find a way to gain access to your white grout and leave it looking like a mess. Your grout will get discolored and dingy, appearing more like black/brown outlining for your tiles instead of the pristine, white grout you invested your money in.

Dirty grout and stained tiles make your flooring look old and worn out, even if you just got it installed a few years back. That is why you need regular tile and grout cleaning from Grout Experts for a job done well.

Things You Should Know About Cleaning Your Tiles

Attempting to clean your tiles and grout yourself will have you spending major bucks on expensive floor cleaners that can often have the opposite effect. What do we mean by this? Read on to find out!

Ammonia-Based Cleaners Can Do More Damage Than Good

Our grout cleaning experts highly advise against the use of ammonia or bleach-based cleaning products. This is because these products erode your grout over time, causing your floors to appear dirtier than before. They leave behind a film that attracts more dirt and fades the whiteness of your grout. The overall result is yellowing, weak grout with an uneven appearance.

Strong Smells Don’t Mean Better Cleaning

Most of the store-bought cleaning solutions come with strong smells that make homeowners think they probably work great. This smell is primarily contributed by the bleach and ammonia content in it, and we have learned above why these chemicals are harmful to your floors.

Another negative aspect of the smell is the strong fumes that we end up breathing it in while using the cleaning agents. The harsh fumes can hurt your lungs and cause damage to your eyes, nose, respiratory tract, and throat.

The pH Matters

Lastly, homeowners don’t realize one of the most critical factors of picking the right cleaning solution is looking at its pH. Since household cleaners contain ammonia, they are extremely alkaline. Alkaline solutions do a good job of cutting through grease, dirt, and other stains. However, they are just as good at causing grout erosion and damaging your tiles. Best to avoid these and use a gentler, neutral mixture to clean your floors.

Grout and Tile Cleaning Done Right by Grout Experts

At Grout Experts, our cleaning teams use pH-neutral cleaning solutions with highly advanced tools paired with the right technique to make your tiles gleam and shine. We understand the importance of cleaning out the grout without damaging the tiles or cracking the filling. That is why we use low-pressure vapor systems that can blast away all the dirt, germ, and bacteria embedded in your tiles and grout.

Once the cleaning job is done, our professional cleaners take things a step forward by sealing the grout to prevent any future penetration of mold or dirt. This keeps your tiles and grout cleaner for longer and ensures your flooring is in perfect condition.

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