Expensive tile replacement

Tile is largely becoming the choice of flooring for most homeowners, especially for bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms. They offer a pristine, classy look while also being exceptionally easy to clean and maintain. Tiles are a durable alternative to carpeting your home, and they offer a wide variety of materials, colors, and designs for you to pick from. However, they do require frequent maintenance to retain their beautiful look and remain stain-free.

By getting your flooring professionally cleaned and maintained by Grout Experts, you can easily avoid expensive tile replacements. Additionally, replacing your tiles can be quite a hassle that brings noise and disturbance to your peaceful home environment. Here is how we ensure both your wallet and comfort are well-protected against tile replacements.

How to Avoid Expensive Tile Replacements

Get Expert Installation Done

It is always better to start proper care from the get-go and invest in professional flooring installation instead of doing it yourself. As tempting as it is, the installation process isn’t meant to be DIY-ed because it’s a lot more challenging than what YouTube tutorials make it out to be. You may think you’re saving up and smart budgeting your way through your home renovations. But, improper installation of tiles will have you needing replacements within a few years. That’s double the cost that you’d have paid had you gone for professional installations in the first place!


Repair As Soon As You Notice Damage

Repairing any chips or cracks on your tiles as soon as they occur is significantly cheaper than waiting it out. The damage won’t fix itself, of course! Instead, the chipping will continue until your tile is completely ruined and needs to be replaced.

Clean Your Tiles Regularly

Be it food stains left behind by your little one, dust that comes floating in through your windows, or even all the gunk that shoes carry into your home; your tiles will be exposed to a lot of dirt and grime. This can quickly wear down the shine of your tiled floor and leave behind stains and scratches.

An excellent way to avoid this is by sweeping and mopping your floors regularly. Clean any stains and loose dirt as soon as you spot it and frequently dust the mats and rugs to prevent dirt accumulation that would eventually reach your floors.

Deep Clean Biannually

Lastly, you should keep in mind that while sweeping and mopping helps, your floor does need a deep clean by professional cleaners twice a year. This gives some extra TLC to the tougher stains and dirt spots, helping you preserve the overall look of your tiles. The cleaning crew at Grout Experts uses environmentally safe solutions and an advanced steam vapor technique for best results. We end the deep clean by applying a highly penetrating sealer to protect your grout from future discoloration.

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