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Are you a homeowner who is tired of their floors looking old and worn out? Perhaps you recently invested in new tile and stone floors, but they are already starting to show signs of warping and other damages. In either case, you need to act quickly and figure out a way to fix them before the damage becomes permanent.

The best way to undo flooring damages is by calling in specialists from Grout Experts to inspect the damage and work on regrouting or replacing your tiles. While you wait for your flooring experts to come in, there are some measures you can take to fix the tile issues temporarily. This will stop the damage from spreading and becoming more pronounced. It can also make the difference between your floors being fixed by some repairing and needing complete retiling (which can be quite expensive).

Here are the most commonly occurring tile and stone floor problems, and what you can do to fix them.

1. Tile Warpage

Tile warpage is a major issue in homes across the United States, and especially in states with high relative humidity levels. If you have rectangular tiles or planks, there are higher chances of warping in them. The best way to reduce the damage caused by warpage is by maintaining a constant humidity level for your indoor air. You should also call in qualified tile installers to look at the damage and determine how it can be compensated without costing you too much money.

2. Chips, Cracks, and Scratches

Another commonly occurring problem is tiles scratching and chipping away. This often happens around the edges of your tile and stone floors, making the whole room look dirty and disorganized. A simple trick to cover up small chips and scratches until you can get professional repairs is probably sitting on your dresser already – it’s nail polish!

You should look for a shade of nail polish that matches the color of your tiles and paint it on the chip. This will cover the light-colored porcelain inside and act as the perfect disguise!

P.S. As time passes, the nail polish will darken and stand out. To fix this up, use a little nail polish remover to get rid of the paint and reapply the original color for an instant fix.

3. Fixing Lose Tiles

With time, grout tends to wear off and become thin, making your tiles loose and wonky. If your tile or stone floors feel lose when you walk on them, it is time to reapply some adhesive and grout to make them sturdier. Work away the loose grout from your tiles and replace it with a new mixture. You should carefully wipe off any excess to prevent your tiles from becoming stained.

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