Tiles pattern

All homeowners are aware of just how essential a component your floor tile patterns are in a home makeover project. They can transform the entire feel and atmosphere of the room, making it look more polished and stylish. That is why it is vital that you don’t rush through this process and carefully consider all your options before you choose a floor tile pattern. An even better practice is to consult flooring specialists from Grout Experts to ensure you pick the best floor tiles for each room!

Choosing a Floor Tile Pattern for Your Home

· Brick Pattern

One of the simplest yet most attractive types of floor tiles is the brick pattern. It includes each tile lined up to the center of the tile above and below it, creating staggered grout lines. This tile pattern gives the illusion of extra space in the room. When used on walls, it can make them look taller with increased height.

· Offset Patterned Tiles

Have you been considering various floor tiles, but nothing seems to fit the cuts needed for the perimeter? You should be looking into offset patterns from Grout Experts!

Offset is among the most common tile patterns. It is arranged with edges that overlap the way bricks are to create outside walls of your home. It is a relatively simple pattern to install so that it won’t cost you too much. Due to their enduring, classic look and high functionality, offset patterned tiles are a great investment that serves you well for years to come. The best part is that it can break up your floor patterns, so it doesn’t continue up to the walls with the same grout lines.

· Herringbone

If you’re looking to break up a nonstandard area with a unique layout, the herringbone pattern would be perfect for your room. It looks like old-fashioned bricked floors with rectangle-shaped tile pieces fitted in angled ‘V’s to extend the next row. These floor tiles are best suited for brick patios as they help you keep the traditional look, bringing sturdiness into it.

The herringbone looks best in the outdoor areas of your home or the entryway and hallways. Grout Experts offers complete size customization of your herringbone tiles so they can be perfectly installed to match your dimensions.

· BasketWeave Pattern

The basketweave floor tiles have earned their name because they look quite similar to the straw basket patterns found in shops. These tiles appear to weave above and under each other, creating an intricate pattern for your living rooms and entry hallways. Serving as a throwback to the ornate era from the 1900s, these tiles are usually offered as mosaic designs laid out in sheets for easier installation.

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