Fill The Tile Joints With Grout

Fill The Tile Joints With Grout

The days are getting shorter, the temperatures are starting to fall, there’s no doubt about it, winter is on its way. 

When winter comes, homeowners usually take steps to keep their homes protected from the harsh weather. But what about tile and grout? During the winter, people will be coming into your home dragging slush and all the dirt that comes with it. This will cause your grout to become stained. It can also weaken the bond causing it to crumble. 

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to keep your grout protected. Here are a few to consider. 

Add Sealant

A sealant will protect both your grout and tile from moisture that can absorb into it and weaken it. You can use a clear or color sealer on your grout. The clear sealer will protect that grout and keep it from becoming stained. It is typically applied after new tile is laid but it can be added later on as well.

Color sealant is usually applied on tile and grout that was previously installed. It revitalizes the color of the grout while protecting it from moisture and other elements. Grout should be cleaned and repaired before sealant is added or you will seal in dirt and damage. Repair cracks and crumbles in advance and scrub away as much grime as possible using a toothbrush. 

Not sure if your grout is properly sealed? Get an expert to take a look. 

A Floor Mat Can Do Wonders

Protect your floors from getting wet and dirty in the first place by putting a welcome mat in front of the doorway. Encourage people to wipe their feet before entering the home. Clean and empty mats regularly for maximum efficiency. 

Have a Shoes Off Policy

To ensure no dirt or moisture enters the home, have people take off their shoes at the door before entering your home. You may even have a small bin by the door to hold shoes, so visitors know they are being stored safely during their visit. 

Wipe Away Dirt and Moisture Promptly

If water or dirt is tracked in, it’s important to get to it right away before it can absorb into grout and tile to do damage. If you see moisture on your floors, use a rag dampened with the right cleaner to blot it up. 

Get Pets to Wipe Their Feet

You may be surprised to find how much dirt and moisture pets can bring in from the outside. The good news is, pets can be trained to wipe their paws before they come into the home. Leave a towel by the door to encourage them not to track in dirt. The winter can wreak havoc on your grout and tiles. The tips in this article will help keep your floors clean so they make it through the cold weather looking terrific. What will you be doing to get your home ready for the coming season? 

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