Grout Cleaning

Today, there are many grout color options to choose from. If your tiling was done years ago, you may feel like you’re stuck with a plain white that’s starting to look dingy. You may think that an entire retiling job is the only way to escape your fate.

Not so! There is another option. You can stain the grout in your tiling to create a whole new look. And the best part is, you can even DIY the job at home to cut down on expenses. If staining your own grout sounds good, here’s how it’s done.

Clean the Grout

The first step will be to clean the existing grout. To do this, spray a bleach based cleaner or the grout and tile and scrub it with a bristle brush. Use a magic eraser sponge for particularly tough stains. After you are done, wipe down the area with a rag and let it dry completely.

Note: While cleaning, make sure the room is well ventilated.

Apply the Stain

Before applying the stain, put on gloves and safety goggles. Next, dip a toothbrush into the bottle of grout stain and sealer. Apply to a small area of the tile, a 1 square foot area is ideal. Then use the toothbrush to rub the stain into the grout.

Remove the Excess Stain

The stain will dry quickly and it’s important to remove excess right away, so it doesn’t stain the tile. You can remove it by wiping a damp rag lightly over the tiles. Keep the rag clean by rinsing it in clean water. When the water becomes dirty, replace it. Continue working on your tile a section at a time applying the stain and removing the excess as you go until the entire area is complete. It will usually dry within 24 hours.

Are Grout Pens a Good Solution?

Some companies sell grout pens which seem like an easy way to get a staining job done. However, these will only be effective for touch up jobs. They are not a great solution for the entire floor or shower.


What Color Should I Stain My Grout?

Staining your grout opens up décor possibilities. You can add colors to give your room a whole new look. The question is, which color stain should you use?

There are many directions you can take it in. You can use a stain that matches your tiles to create a monotone appearance. You can choose a color that contrasts with the tile to make it stand out. Or to play it safe, go with a neutral. Keep in mind that if you use a dark color; it will be prone to fading. On the other hand, a light color will show stains more easily.

Now that you know how to stain tile you are ready to give your rooms a whole new look. Which direction will you be taking it in? Call Grout Experts today for your free estimate.

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