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Ah, the look of fresh tiling. You can’t beat it. It’s so attractive and pristine.

But over time, grout may start looking dingy spoiling the appearance of your tiles. And while there are plenty of grout cleaners available, many of them are not eco-friendly. They can do damage to your skin, your respiratory system, and the environment.

So, what can you do to clean your grout without the risks? This article will provide directions for mixing up an eco-friendly cleaner that’s effective in getting your tiles looking their best.

The Dangers of Store-Bought Cleaners

Not all store-bought grout cleaners are dangerous. But there are some that are made with ingredients that are known to cause cancer, respiratory issues, and skin irritation. Here are some to look out for.

  • 2-Butoxethanol: This chemical is known to cause issues in the blood, respiratory system and digestive system. It may also cause cancer and damage the organs.
  • Sodium Metasilicate: May cause respiratory issues.
  • Sodium Hypochlorite: May irritate the skin, cause respiratory issues and damage the vision. It has also been known to produce aquatic toxicity.
  • Alumina: This chemical has been known to pose concerns regarding respiratory effects and skin irritation.

How to Make an All-Natural Grout Cleaner

You may be able to find a grout cleaner on the market that does not contain harmful ingredients, but a good alternate solution is to make your own at home. Here’s what you will need to do to mix one up.


  • ½ cup baking soda
  • ¼ cup 3% hydrogen peroxide
  • Small squeeze bottle


  1. Combine baking soda and hydrogen peroxide in a small bowl.
  2. Mix all ingredients with a spoon until they are thoroughly combined and achieve a paste-like consistency.
  3. Scoop the mixture into the squeeze bottle.
  4. Squirt the mixture onto the grout and wait 10 minutes.
  5. Use a scrub brush to clean the grout.
  6. Use an organic unbleached cotton unpaper towel to wipe the area clean.

Note: If your skin is sensitive to any of the ingredients in the cleaner, wear rubber gloves during use.

Also, note: the organic unbleached cotton unpaper towel will be the most eco-friendly choice. Unlike microfiber cloths, it does not leave behind fibers when used. It is also produced in the most sustainable way possible.

Does the Eco-Friendly Cleaner Really Work?

Some may be concerned that the eco-friendly cleaner won’t work as well as store bought products. However, the baking soda and hydrogen peroxide can yield terrific results. It’s also easy to mix up, affordable and the ingredients can be found in most bathroom cabinets.

Cleaning your grout will give your tile a terrific look but the wrong ingredients can be damaging to your health and the environment. Now that you know how to mix your own all-natural formula, you can get your tiling truly clean without the worry. Will you be trying to make your own nontoxic cleaner at home?

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