Clean grout

In today’s world, many people are doing what they can to use products and integrate practices that are kind to the environment. Taking these steps reduces harmful emissions that can get into the atmosphere and pollute the air. When it comes to grouting, there are plenty of steps you can take to reduce the negative effects of the products you are using. Here are a few tips for an eco-friendly grout experience.

Use Eco-Friendly Grout

Unfortunately, some types of grout contain elements that can be harmful to health and the environment. Cement based grout can be dangerous if it contains silica. Prolonged exposure to silica can cause skin irritation and respiratory issues.

Epoxy grout comes with its share of issues as well. While many feel it is safer than cement based grout because it does not produce as much dust, it can still irritate skin. This is especially the case if the hardeners in the product are particularly alkaline.

Grout products may also contain chemicals and antimicrobials that can get into the atmosphere and do damage.

Fortunately, there are many chemical free, nontoxic grouts that you can purchase to ensure you keep yourself and the environment healthy.

Keep Grout Clean

Another hazard arises when grout is removed. Grout is prone to mold build up. When the tiles and/or grout are removed, all the mold that has built up, along with the chemicals in the grout, are disposed of and go into landfills.

Keeping grout free from mold will keep contaminants out of the atmosphere both before and after it’s removed. You can prevent your grout from getting moldy by:

  • Using a sealant
  • Ventilating the bathroom by keeping windows and doors open and running an exhaust fan
  • Wiping down the shower after bathing
  • Keeping tiles clean and spraying them with an anti-mold formula
  • Using shower curtains that are easy to clean
  • Fixing leaky faucets
  • Using mold resistant paint in other areas of the room

Use Green Cleaners

The products you use to clean your grout can also get into the atmosphere and do damage. You can stay environmentally friendly by using cleaners that are chemical free such as:

  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Tea tree oil
  • Grapefruit Seed Extract
  • Vinegar

These are all-natural products that will not release toxic substances into the atmosphere. They are effective in removing mold from grout and many of them can be found in most kitchen cabinets.

Grout is a necessary element in any home. Following eco-friendly practices when using and cleaning it is beneficial to the health of the occupants of the home and the environment. What will you be doing to make your grouting more sustainable? If you would like a free estimate on please contact us or call (847) 356-6928

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