Tile Removal

Bathroom demo is not easy work. Not only does it take a lot of physical labor, but if you make the wrong move, you could end up damaging your foundation. Using the right tools will ensure your demo goes smoothly. Here are three that are recommended.

Brushless 18V 1” Rotary Hammer for Bathroom Demo

A rotary hammer fitted with an SDS chisel attachment is recommended in removing floor tiles. Most hammers will come with three modes, hammer, drilling and chisel. The hammer and drill modes work like a standard drill while the chisel mode allows it to operate more like a jackhammer, with an up and down pumping motion.

The chisel mode works well for demoing tile when it’s used along grout lines. Once the grout is broken, the tiles will come right out. Sometimes you will be able to remove the mortar and mesh as one unit, other times you will need to remove the tiles and backing separately. Either way, using the hammer will make the job much easier than anticipated.

One Handed Reciprocating Saw for Bathroom Demo

A one handed reciprocating saw can be used to cut up fiberglass in the shower stall. In some instances, you may be able to remove your shower stall in a few easy pieces, but other stalls will have a wall built around them. This will make it necessary to cut up the wall into small pieces to make them ready to remove. A reciprocating saw will work well for these purposes.

If your bathroom demo requires you to cut into walls, it’s advisable to turn off the electrical power in the area first. This way, you won’t risk electrocution if you come into contact with any wiring or devices. You should also look out for electrical units such as outlets to ensure you don’t accidently damage or disconnect them while you are working.

Wet Dry Shop Vac

After you complete the job, it’s essential to remove all dust from the area. Not only will the dust look terrible, but it can also cause respiratory issues for occupants if it lingers in the air.

You will want to vacuum the entire area including the paths of travel to and from the area. The best way to do this is to use a wet/dry shop vac with a HEPA filter. Then use cloths to wipe down hard surfaces to ensure as little dust residue as possible.

If you are planning on demoing your bathroom, the right tools will make the job easier. A saw and hammer will help you break up materials while the vacuum will provide an efficient clean up. What equipment do you use for a simple demo project?
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