A Large Puddle On The Tiled Floor Was Caused By Water From The Ceiling As A Result Of A Roof Leak Or A Burst Water Pipe

Many people have tile flooring in their kitchens and bathrooms. But over time, they may see signs of damage or other issues may arise. If you are starting to become dissatisfied with your tiling, you don’t have to deal with it. Tiling can be changed out by yourself or a professional. Here are some reasons you may decide it’s time for a change.

Discomfort of Tile Flooring

If your flooring is extremely hard, it can be uncomfortable to stand on and difficult to clean. This is often the case with ceramic tiles. If your ceramic tiles are causing your feet pain, you may want to go with something softer like rubber or vinyl.

Mold Growth on Tile Flooring and Other Signs of Damage

Over time, tiles will start to show signs of damage. You may see mold and mildew in the grout lines which can occur if tile isn’t sealed properly. Your tile may also be starting to chip and crack.

There are instances when these issues can be fixed without a complete replacement. But if the damage is becoming an ongoing problem, it may be more convenient and affordable to switch them out.

Tile Floorings are Cold

All of us are familiar with the feeling of cold tiles on our feet on a winter day or in the middle of the night. It’s not exactly pleasant. You can counteract the cold with electric mats, subfloor heating or a few rugs, but these come with added costs and some options are even potentially hazardous.

You may find a replacement to be a more effective, safer, and less expensive solution. Rubber and vinyl materials are both warmer to the touch than ceramic and other types of tiling.


If your tiles are very heavy, they may be noisy which can be disturbing to lower floor occupants. They may also affect the structure of your building. Its worthwhile to look into replacing heavy tiles.

Tile Flooring Causes Falls

The last thing you need are slippery tiles in your kitchen and bathroom. If these tiles get wet, you may end up falling. This is especially hazardous if you or someone in your household is dealing with mobility issues. The best option here is to switch them out.

What are the Best Tile Options?

There are several tile options out there and determining the one that’s best for you will depend on your personal situation. But in general, ceramic tiles may not be the best choice as they are heavy, prone to cracking and do not retail heat well.

Vinyl and rubber may be better options as they are more durable, softer and retain heat better. You may also consider engineered wood, which is attractive, comfortable underfoot and will be stable in humid conditions.

If your tile is starting to show damage, or if it’s heavy or uncomfortable, it may be time for a change. New tiling will be better for you and your home. Which option will you choose when you decide to upgrade?
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