Bath Tub

Bath Tub

Painting your Bathtub

If your tub is looking shabby, you may be tempted to repaint it. Just like the wall of a house, painting your bathtub can give whole new look. But unlike a wall, a tub is often made of a ceramic surface that’s difficult to paint. You may wonder, can it even be done?

Can I paint my bathtub? The answer is, yes, you can paint your bathtub. There are special kits available that contain paint that will not crack and peel like standard paints. Many are made with an epoxy base that will be durable regardless of the heat and moisture in the bathroom. But painting your bathtub is different compared to other types of surfaces. This article will provide step by step instructions, so you understand what’s required in painting your bathtub.

1. Remove the Caulk

Start by removing the caulk with a caulk removal tool or spackling knife. Then carefully remove the tub’s hardware.

2. Clean the Tub

Clean the tub using a bleach-based solution and following up with an abrasive cleaner. Rinse and then wipe a solvent like acetone or paint thinner over the surface to remove any remaining residue. Note: the bathroom should be well ventilated for this step.

3. Repair Imperfections

Use an epoxy putty or tub repair product to fill in scratches, chips, and gouges. Let the putty dry, then sand the areas smooth. Next, sand down the entire tub to make it glossy and ready to paint. Rinse the tub, wipe it down and allow it to fully dry.

4. Mask the Surrounding Areas and Fixtures

Use a painter’s tape to mask the surrounding areas and remaining fixtures of the tub to keep them free of paint.

5. Prep the Paint

Prep the paint in your kit according to packet instructions. Many kits will have an epoxy paint that needs to be mixed thoroughly. Follow directions well during the mixing stage as this will be crucial in getting a satisfactory finished product.

6. Paint your bathtub

Start in one corner, then work your way to the other side. If you see bubbles or brush marks, don’t be too concerned. Epoxy paint has a self-leveling property, and the marks will disappear when it sets. Allow the first coat to dry as recommended by the manufacturer, then apply a second coat. Wait for the Paint to Dry and Re-caulk. Epoxy paint can take as long as three days to cure and dry. It may feel dry after an hour, but it’s likely to not be fully dry for a few days. Do not run water in the tub before you have waited the recommended amount of time.Once the paint has dried, remove the tape, re-caulk the tub and reinstall your fixtures.


Painting your bathtub is doable, but it’s not simple. You will need to refinish the surface before you can begin. Grout Experts can come in for the refinishing process ensuring your bathtub painting process is well in order.

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