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So you just moved into a new home and you are not sure if the grout is sealed. Unsealed grout can lead to issues like cracks, mold, and mildew, so if it’s not sealed, you’ll want to seal it up.

But if you seal over grout, it won’t do any good. You will only end up spending unnecessary time and money.

So how can you tell if your grout is sealed? A simple water test will tell you what you need to know. Here’s how it’s done.

  1. Fill a spray bottle with water making sure it’s turned to ‘mist’.
  2. Spray the grout.
  3. Let the water set for at least 2-3 minutes.
  4. Inspect the grout. If it is getting darker or changing colors, this is an indication that it is not sealed, or not properly sealed. If the grout looks the same, it means it has been sealed properly.
  5. You may also see that the sealant is peeling off or hazing which means it is weakening and needs to be resealed.

What if You Seal Over Grout That’s Already Been Sealed?

Say for whatever reason you are not sure that your grout has been sealed. Should you still put a fresh layer of sealant over it just to be safe?

The answer is no. The sealant will probably not stick to existent sealant. So, your efforts will not be worthwhile and it’s likely you will end up with a mess. 

However, there are sealant removers you can purchase that will get rid of the sealant ensuring you are applying over a clean surface. But before going to this trouble, you may want to get an expert in to determine if the grout is sealed or not.

How Often Should I Reseal Grout?

Once grout has been sealed, you will want to continue resealing it on a regular basis to keep it in the best shape possible. The need for resealing will vary depending on how well-trafficked that area of your home is and what humidity levels are like.

A low-traffic, low-humidity area will require a re-seal every six months while a high traffic, high humidity area will need to be resealed every two years.

Consider Getting an Expert In

If you are uncertain as to whether your grout needs a reseal, of if you know it needs to be sealed and don’t want to DIY, you may want to get a professional in. Grout Experts will let you know the current state of your grout and we will perform the updates you require. Call us first for all you grouting needs. 

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