Marble and stone

Marble and stone are beautiful additions to any home, but they require special care and maintenance. In this article, we’ll answer all your questions about keeping your marble and stone looking good as new. We’ll discuss when it’s time for a restoration, the process of restoring marble or stone, the cost of restoration, how to maintain marble or stone in between restorations, what cleaning products to avoid when cleaning marble or stone surfaces and why it’s always best to hire a professional for these services.


When is it Time for a Restoration?

Restoration is necessary when your marble or stone surfaces become dulled or scratched due to daily wear and tear. If you notice that your natural stone tiles have become chipped or cracked over time, if your granite countertops have lost their shine or luster, then it may be time for a restoration. Restoring your marble or stone can also help prevent stains from setting into the surface due to long-term exposure to certain liquids such as vinegar, coffee or red wine.


What is Involved in Restoring Stone & Marble?

Restoring marble and stone involves more than just scrubbing away surface dirt; it requires specialized tools and techniques that can only be used by properly trained individuals. Professional technicians use diamond polishers and other machinery designed specifically for natural stones in order to bring back the original shine of the material without causing any damage. Additionally, professionals use specialized sealants that protect against staining and keep dirt from penetrating deep into the pores of the surface.


What is the Average Cost of Stone & Marble Restoration?

The cost of restoring marble and stone varies depending on several factors such as the size of the area being restored and the amount of damage that needs to be repaired. On average, however, you can expect to pay somewhere between $1-$3 per square foot if you choose to hire a professional service provider. Keep in mind that it may cost less if you attempt a DIY project (although this should only be done by experienced individuals).


How Can You Maintain Your Stone & Marble?

In between restorations there are several things you can do at home in order to maintain your marble & stones surfaces so they look great for years to come! First off make sure you clean up spills quickly with warm water; this will help prevent them from becoming permanent stains on your surfaces. Additionally make sure you use a gentle cleanser specifically made for natural stones like granite or travertine when wiping down counters or floors; harsh chemicals like bleach should always be avoided as they can cause discoloration over time. Finally make sure you seal your natural stones every 1-2 years with an appropriate sealant in order to protect them from staining agents like oil & grease!


Natural stones like granite & travertine add beauty & value to any home so it’s important that they receive proper care & maintenance in order ensure they remain in tip-top condition! When it comes time for a restoration make sure you hire a professional technician who has experience working with these materials – doing so will ensure optimal results without risking any damage! Additionally remember that regular maintenance like quick cleanups & using appropriate cleaners will help prolong their life span even further! By following these simple tips you’ll have beautiful looking marbles & stones for years down the line!

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