Selling Your Home? Remember Tile and Grout Cleaning, Restoration

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Selling Your Home? Don’t Forget Tile and Grout Cleaning, Restoration Like most people in the Midwest, you probably view your home as an investment. When it’s time to sell, you need to get top dollar to help set you up for retirement, or to purchase your next

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Tips for Tackling Embarrassing Bathroom Tile and Grout

bathroom tile and grout

Tips for Tackling Embarrassing Bathroom Tile and Grout Believe it or not, dirty bathrooms sway people’s opinions of restaurants just as much as the food does. And that begs an important question: what does your bathroom tell visitors about your home? Emptying the trash and cleaning the

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Why Should You Hire a Professional For Your Re-Grouting Jobs

Epoxy Tile Grout

Why Should You Hire a Professional For Your Re-Grouting Jobs If you look on the internet, you can find DIY tips for just about anything and that includes re-grouting. When you look over the videos and articles, the work may seem totally doable, but if you don’t

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Changing the Color of Grout Without Removing It

the color of grout

One of the latest trends in home décor is colored grout. Grout can be colored the same color as your tile to provide a monotone look or you can add a color that provides a stunning contrast to make your tile pop. If you like the colored

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Tips on Cleaning Your Grout and Tile

Grout Cleaning

Many people have ceramic tile countertops in their kitchens. When these countertops get dirty, they can produce a grimy appearance. What’s more, bacteria and microorganisms can get in the grout making for unsafe food conditions. While many wipe down their countertops on a regular basis, a deep cleaning

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Preventing and Repairing Mismatched Grout

Mismatched Grout

Have you ever looked at your grout and noticed it was different colors? If so, it’s likely you weren’t pleased with what you saw. Mismatched grout is commonly caused by uneven drying which is due to improper cement hydration. It’s considered a manufacturing defect. Regardless of what

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How To Prevent Sealer Haze

Prevent Sealer Haze

A sealant is put over grout to keep water and oil from getting into pores and capillaries. However, in some cases there can be something that prevents the sealer from fully penetrating the surface. The cause of this can be previous sealer applications. When the sealant is

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Sanded Grout vs. Unsanded Grout

Sanded grout vs unsanded grout

Grout is the material that goes between tiles to fill gaps and ensure the structural integrity of the project. It is also quite visible working on both a functional and aesthetic level. When purchasing grout, you will have to choose between sanded grout vs. unsanded grout options.

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Most Common Causes of Grout Damage

Grout Damage

Not only is grout necessary in securing the tiling in your home, it is also establishing itself as a decorative element as new colors are being released to bring an updated look to your rooms. But over time, grout can begin to crack and crumble detracting from the aesthetic appeal of your home and compromising the staying power of your tiles.

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