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Is your shower in disrepair? Is your shower grout changing color or crumbling? Is the caulk in your shower starting to shrivel and crack? Is the finish on your tub looking scratched and faded? It’s time to get in touch with the Grout Experts shower repair team in Old Town.

But I clean my shower regularly

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how well you clean your shower. Grout is porous and caulk only lasts so long. Especially in an environment that is constantly hot and humid, your shower grout and caulk can quickly crumble and degrade without the proper care. Having your grout professionally cleaned and sealed will help for it to stay clean and looking bright. Replacing your caulk is a must, and the Grout Experts shower repair team in Old Town uses the highest quality materials to ensure the repairs last as long as possible.

Why does my tub look discolored, damaged, or cracked?

If your tub is fiberglass, porcelain, cast iron, acrylic, or even cultured marble you can experience discoloring, damage, or cracks. Tubs are costly to replace, and often there are huge hidden costs associated with replacing your tub. Reglazing your tub can restore it to a brand new look at a fraction of the price of replacement. Even if you’re just wanting to change the color of your tub from green to white, the Grout Experts shower repair team in Old Town can help.

What about my sink and other tile in my bathroom?

We are able to apply all the same cleaning, re-grouting, and repairing to sinks and tiles all throughout your bathroom. Not only can all these repairs be done at a much lower price than a full remodel, but it can all be done in less than a day! The Grout Experts shower repair team in Old Town is prepared to walk you through every step with care and precision.

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