Couple Choosing Tiles In The Shop
Couple Choosing Tiles In The Shop

Most people know tile and natural stone are excellent choices for homes. It’s clean, durable and looks really good. However, many may not know that you can get really creative with tile and stone. That’s largely because these products come in so many colors and even with faux finishes! Whether it’s a ethnic design, multi-colored tile, or a tile that looks like wood, you can find a tile or natural stone that can give any room in your home an extra something that establishes a “wow” factor. Here are a few ways to use tile that you need to consider when remodeling your home. Have fun and get creative with designer tile!

Go Mosaic

Mosaic tiles come in several forms, although most consider the term to refer to the small, multi-colored pieces typically found in Italy or Greece. Those are beautiful tiles and certainly add a lot of life to a space. These types of Mosaic tiles make for excellent backsplashes and countertops, but can also be used on smaller projects like table-tops, chairs, planters, and patio steps. There are type of tile that are considered Mosaic that have a completely different look. They are Mosaic because the tiles each have different tones and colors that work well together. Some of these tiles include the South American themed tile, natural tile with autumn colors, tile that features colors of rustic Mediterranean designs, and brushed onyx tile that has a variety of light and dark colors with a mix of grain patterns.

Maintenance and Repair

These tiles mix both small and large tile squares from a range of colors that convey a certain look or theme. They can bring a room together as flooring or countertops and provide a lot of visual interest. One of the best reasons to use a Mosaic or multi-colored tile is that they are simple to repair. Tile wears over a decade or so and one or two could get chipped, cracked or scratched. With the multi-colored, random version tile, a professional tile installation and repair service can easily remove the bad pieces and replace them with any color available. That means you won’t need to make a special order or rework a whole section to get the pattern correct. Tile repair is much cheaper than replacing too. Most state a typical repair job is about 30 percent of the cost of total replacement.

Use Hand-Painted Tile

A hand-painted tile display a unique way to protect your surfaces, particularly in the kitchen, and add your own personality to the room design. The perfect spot for this type of art is above the stove as a backsplash. Tile is an excellent protector from grease, heat and liquids and a hand-painted mural creates a lovely vintage look for the area. Stones that work well for this type of project include tumbled marble and travertine.

One of the benefits of using stone for hand-painted art is that the imperfections of the stone add a bit of “old world” to the piece, making it a distinctive part of your space. Designer tile can come with virutally any design you want. Many homeowners like designs that are simple and elegant, such as a French or Italian art design. However, designer tile choices extend far beyond that to wild Bohemian designs, Native American inspired tile, to Morracon and African designs, and colorful ethnic emblems. There is also textured tile that looks like pebbles or wood planks. The choices are really unlimited. While this tile can be used anywhere, most choose to use it sparingly as an accent. Good uses for this type of tile are borders around a room, archway or doorway trim, fireplace accent trim or for the hearth, and focus wall art.


Tile isn’t necessarily difficult to install yourself, if you know what you are doing. However, this type of tile may need special care to create a larger theme or picture, or shaped to a certain space, so it may be best to hire a professional installer [] for these type of projects. A professional installer will ensure your space is left clean afterward, so you can spend your time enjoying the result.

Leftover Tile

Homeowners typically have tile left over [] from previous projects. They hang onto the tile or natural stone because they paid for it and don’t want to throw money away. Yet, there isn’t enough of any one thing to complete a new project. The choice is simple. Combine them. Tiles of different shades and colors can look great together in a new home project. You will save money and the project will flow with the rest of the house because the tile pieces can be found throughout the home. This can be a DIY project because imperfections won’t be noticed with all the various tile pieces. However, you still may want to consult a professional installer to see if there are any unknown factors in your project. You may find the cost of hiring a professional [] outweighs the time it would take for you do handle it.

Homeowners have so many choices in tile and natural stone today. Any of them are beautiful and can make your space something special. All you have to do is choose.

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