Restore Marble
Restore Marble

There is no stone more beautiful than marble. Polished marble has been the hallmark of luxury and wealth for centuries. Even unpolished marble has a distinctive style that makes any room stand out. However, marble can fade and it can lose its luster. When this happens, the whole space is off. There seems to be no way to make it shine again and that can be frustrating. There is a way to bring your marble back to life and breath freshness into your room. You can have it restored. Marble is a great stone for restoration. It is durable yet can be polished and cleaned rather easily. Restoration takes less time to complete and costs much less than replacing it. There are some things to be aware of when considering restoration:

Type of Damage

Most damage to marble happens when you use the wrong products to clean it. Be sure to get the proper products and start using them before you consider restoration. In some cases, using the right products may solve the problem of dullness.

Type of Marble

You need to find out if you have a cultured marble top or a solid marble piece. Cultured marble is typically less expensive and easily to maintain while solid marble is more costly and more porous. You may not need a sander if you have a cultured marble piece. You may be able to buff it out instead.

3 Steps

1 – First, you need to wet sand the piece. You should use a 1,000-grit sand paper to do this, whether you use a sander or not. Sand the marble to remove all minor scratches and surface stains.

2 – Rinse and dry the marble after you are finished sanding.

3 – The last step is to buff it with a high-grade marble cleaning product.

Marble Floors

This method works pretty well for marble counters and other smaller areas, but restoring a marble floor requires more work and more steps. To refinish a marble floor, you must find and remove broken, chipped or loose tiles, replace the grout or mortar, and reset before you refinish anything. Additionally, you will need both a sander and a 4-inch angle grinder with a polishing pad to complete the job.

If you have never had any experience restoring marble or doing much home improvement work, it may be best to call a professional for help. A professional has all the right tools, chemicals and knowledge to get the job done. Plus, they will clean up the mess and leave your room looking lovely. Restoring your marble should be a part of your routine maintenance every few years. It is an expense that can be budgeted out and leave you with a room that is forever beautiful.

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