tile and grout

tile and groutYou may want to remodel your bathroom or kitchen, but the funds just may not be there right now. You can change the look of either room just by redoing the grout and tile or adding accents to it. A new backsplash for the kitchen provides the room a whole new look while painting the grout in the bathroom can create ambiance and energy.

Making Builder Grade Tile Affordable

Let’s face it, builder grade tile works and looks best. Top of the line tile costs a lot of money though. You can get a good deal on white tile at builder grade. Don’t worry. It won’t be boring if you add colorful grout.

Most people don’t know that grout comes in a plethora of colors. If you wander through the aisles in the home improvement store, you will discover grout in as many colors as paint. Whether you want orange because you’re an OSU Cowboys fan or purple because you would like a regal powder room, white tile with colorful grout is the way to go.

Try these gorgeous grout ideas to add sizzle to your project. You can put in a little effort by just painting the grout or you can install new tile and contrasting or colored grout.

Decorating with Grout and Tile Ideas

  • Go with glitter grout. No, I did not make that up. Stainmaster Glamour Grout makes it. Choose from 12 glitzy shades in three different glitter finishes. Sapphire blue with gold shimmer finish looks great against a white tile.
  • Use contrasting color tiles and add color to black and gray tiles with the same glamourous blue or a contrasting gold or bronze.
  • Paint the grout using Grout Shield. You don’t just add color, you also add a stain and mold resistant sealant. You can cover up to 250 square feet of tile with just one eight-ounce bottle which costs $20. You can customize the sealant to match any paint or grout color.
  • Subway tile comes in colors and a variety of sizes now. Pick a color like turquoise to perk up your kitchen. Grout in black or white provides an art deco look.
  • You can use your favorite paint to color the grout, too. House paint works. Apply a thin coat to each grout line. Wipe away excess paint with a damp rag.
  • Make your own grout. Mix a 2.5-pound box of unsanded grout with an eight-ounce bottle of acrylic paint in any color you desire. Your cost for each ingredient is about $3.00 making this a great project for less than $10 total.
  • Paint your floor grout, too. Punch up your natural or faux stone floors with turquoise or red grout.
  • Nothing brightens black tiles like silver grout. It works great with dark blue tiles, too.

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