Re-GroutingHomeowners may need to re-grout because their grout is damaged or cracking. In other cases, they may choose to re-grout to give their home a much-needed update. If you are looking to update your grout, here are some ways to approach re-grouting your tile to update your rooms.

The Type of Grout You Use

Replacing the type of grout you use may seem like a practical choice as opposed to a style choice but these options could go hand in hand.

For instance, if you are using a cement grout, you may find its rigidity has made it more prone to cracking and flaking. Cement is also porous, so it is likely to absorb mold, mildew and dirt and lose its color quickly which can have a negative effect on the overall aesthetic of your room.

When updating, homeowners should consider replacing cement grout with its epoxy counterpart. Epoxy is more durable, so it holds up better to wear and tear. Once difficult to install, innovations in technology have made for easier installation processes as well as more options in color that make this type of grout a favorite.


Those who are up on the latest in décor will know that there are many grout colors to choose from including funky glitter variations. Here are some grout options that will change up the look of your white tiles.

  • White: White on white may seem boring to some, but it provides a clean and modern look that will withstand the test of time.
  • Gray: Like white, gray grout provides a light fresh look, but it is better at disguising dirt. It can also help smaller rooms look larger
  • Black: Black grout will make your room look busier which can work well if you are going for a modern, industrial feel.
  • Brown or Cream: A neutral toned grout will give white tiles an off-white look. It also brings a graphic element to the space.

Changing up the Tiles

If your grout is looking dull, and you decide to change it, you may just decide to redo your tiling while you’re at it. If you are thinking of updating your tiles, here are some trends to consider.

Subway tiles are a classic look that are here to stay. While most go for a conventional white in subway tiles, you can also opt for black which will provide a unique look when paired with a black or white grout or a funky color that pops.

Graphic tiles are huge right now. Opt for bold colors and intricate patterns or tone things down with soft pastels and neutrals. This décor choice really gives homeowners the chance to show their creativity.

Although glossy finishes are still in vogue, most designers are favoring a matte sheen that makes them less likely to show smudges and water marks.

If you are looking to update the look of your home, replacing your grout can be a great way to do it. Think of the types of grout you can use, the color choices and consider changing out your tile to get the interior you’ve always dreamed of. Good luck getting a style you love.

We hope this is helpful to those considering an upcoming tile project. For any of your grout repair needs, schedule an appointment today!

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