Image5All You Need to Know About Grout Stain

When you first install tiling, it looks clean and terrific. But in time it starts to become discolored giving your flooring and walls a dingy look. Because grout is porous, getting out of the dirt can be challenging. Fortunately, grout stain can be used to give your tiling a great look, and it’s a lot easier than cleaning and a lot less expensive than re-grouting.

Read on to find out more about grout stain and whether this option is right for you. 

What is Grout Stain?

Grout stain is a substance composed of latex, fillers, and pigments. It can restore the color of your grout or you can use it to give grout an entirely new color. 

The stain is easy to apply. Simply brush it on. It seeps into the grout and tints it without damaging or discoloring it. 

It comes in a variety of colors and it can be used on backsplashes, walls, floors, and other surfaces. Most stains are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 

Is Grout Stain Good on All Types of Grout?

There are varieties of grout stain that can be used on different types of grout. When shopping for the stain, look at the label to make sure it will work on the type of grout in your home. 

However, the stain will not work on grout that is fraying or crumbling. If you try to apply it to grout that is not intact, it will worsen the damage. If your grout is in really bad shape, regrouting may be a better option. 

Benefits of Grout Stain

Grout stain has its share of benefits as compared to re-grouting. Here are some reasons why you might want to use it. 

It Restores Color: No matter how hard you work to restore the color of your grout when cleaning it, it’s unlikely you will ever get it to its original shade. The stain will restore the color completely or change the color entirely if that’s what you prefer. 

It’s Affordable: An eight-ounce can of grout stain is $12 to $15 and it covers 50 to 300’ of tile depending on how wide the grout lines are. When you compare that to the cost of re-grouting the tiles, it works out a lot cheaper.

It’s Fast: Staining grout for six square feet of tile can take as little as half an hour. Cleaning the grout can take anywhere from an hour and a half to half a day depending on how dirty the grout is and the area you have to clean. However, it is important to deep clean your grout before you stain it. Otherwise, you are just trapping dirt, mold, and bacteria inside your grout.

You Can Make Your Grout Any Color: With all the color choices available, you can use the stain to give your tiling a whole new look. Add a light grout to a dark background, a light color to a dark background, or choose a color that brings out the hues in your tiles’ design. 

If your grout is looking dingy, grout stain is a great way to restore it to its original beauty or create a whole new look for your tiles. How will you be using it to take your décor to the next level? 


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