Image6Grout is Recyclable: Here’s How to Make the Most Out of Your Grout Projects

Grout is a go-to when you are looking to install tile and stone. It works to fill joints between the tiles and stones after they have been set. In addition to using grout to install tiles, you may also want to use it to touch up your floors and walls once the original grout gets dirty or starts to crack. Not all of us enjoy doing household chores, but the nice thing about using grout is, grout is recyclable. After you use it if there is any left over (and it’s likely there will be) you can use the remainder for several arts and crafts projects that will further add to the aesthetic of your home. 

Here are some ideas.

Grout for Mosaic Projects

Grout is great for making mosaics. Mosaics are patterns or images made of small, regular, or irregular pieces of colored stone, glass, or ceramic held in place by plaster, mortar, or grout. 

There are so many ways you can use the mosaic art form to enhance your interior design. If you have stones, tiles, shards of glass, and other bits of ceramic lying around your home, here are some ways you can use grout to beautify your décor. 

Picture Frame: If you have a picture frame that looks a bit blah, use grout to stick elements onto it to transform it into a unique work of art. 

Coasters: Any spare material can be cut down to coaster size. Then use grout to add tiling or glass shards to create a pleasing aesthetic. You can even use existing coasters. Note: Avoid using any stones that will make the surface bumpy as this will not allow drinks to balance properly.

Coffee Table: Even an old coffee table can be updated with stones, tiles, and more to take on a unique look. 

What to Know When Working with Grout

Grout will work on most surfaces. However, surfaces must be clean and moisture-free. If there are heavy levels of humidity in the air, it also may cause grout not to stick.

If you are working with porous materials such as stone, you may want to use a pre-sealer to ensure it will stick. However, you must be careful not to overspray the surface. If the sealant gets into joints, it may also cause grout not to stick. 

Grout will harden over time. While it can take up to 3 days to harden completely, it will start to stiffen considerably after 24 hours. Therefore, you must be prepared to use it ASAP. 

Adding water to grout can help keep it moist but it will also thin the consistency making it difficult to stick heavy objects. 

In this environmentally friendly age, it is always a good idea to look for ways to recycle. If you are working with grout or if a contractor performs a grouting project in your home, make sure to set aside what is not used. You may be amazed to find out what you can create with this simple adhesive. 

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