Sealing your grout has so many benefits. One, most of the time when people have new remodeling, the contractors will not seal their grout. There’s several things that are great about sealing the grout. One is the aesthetic view of it. When you have sanded grout, a lot of times you do have a high traffic area that has soil debris. The best way to do it is to clean the grout, and we offer a great color seal, a very durable color seal with using a color seal instead of a clear seal. All of the lines will be consistent. We have many colors. Most of our colors will match the original color that you used. If you do not seal your grout, especially if it’s an unsanded grout, it does become vulnerable and it could get brittle and it could get drier in time, especially in showers that it’s always a wise thing to always seal your grout.

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